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Balayage with haircut and style for $139 is no a bad deal at all! 

Shawn is offering this deal if you wanna go ahead and rock that gorgeous hairstyle that tons of celebrities are showing off on the red carpet! Go ahead and book an appointment with Shawn from Monday to Thursday. He has openings! 

brazilian blowout,repair, shampoo, masque, deep conditioning, deals


This Repairing Packages includes: the original Brazilian Blowout treatment and you'll be taking home the BBO Shampoo and Masque. The shampoo it's basic to use on any hair that has this treatment, it's sulfate-free, color-safe and has solution in it that will make the treatment  last longer.  The masque is a once a week use, that will help repair your hair and split ends. 


brazilian blowout,repair, shampoo, masque, deep conditioning, deals


Worried about your hair for it's constant exposure to heat? Don't be afraid of geting a Brazilian Blowout! 

This treatment will improve your hair's health and will make it shinier and smoother. This package includes the after care BBO shampoo and a Thermal Balm that will protect your hair from heat and environmental stresses. 

Detox Treatment. Deep Conditioning.


This Detox Treatment will remove minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and manganese deposited in the hair by hard water: purifies mineral deposits, pool chemicals, medications and residue build-up. Meanwhile, the deep conditioner will repair damage to over-stressed porous hair. 

Make your hair healthy again! 

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